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Hendyamps Michelangelo Röhren EQ mit (APKE TUBE MOD+) - B-Ware

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  • AT-10125
Hendyamps Michelangelo Röhren EQ mit (APKE TUBE MOD+) - B-Ware  - B-Ware, Kappe am... mehr
Produktinformationen "Hendyamps Michelangelo Röhren EQ mit (APKE TUBE MOD+) - B-Ware"

Hendyamps Michelangelo Röhren EQ mit (APKE TUBE MOD+) - B-Ware

 - B-Ware, Kappe am Transformator eingedrückt & Topplate minimal verzogen. Technisch einwandfrei, komplett gecheckt und kalibriert, Vintage Premium Röhren Upgrade, schwarze Frontplatte, Low/Mid/High-Potis stepped, Full Range, volle Garantie -

The Michelangelo is a discrete, Class A, all tube, full stereo unit, with Jensen transformers in and out.  Housed in a 2U rack unit, the Michelangelo is an all tube, stereo EQ that is completely focused on sonic beauty! This EQ is certainly not aimed at precisely targeting certain frequencies, for it is intended to be a broad strokes EQ that also acts as a harmonics generator. This one of a kind EQ is at home during any phase of the music production process (tracking, mixing, or mastering), for the overall sonic signature it leaves, coupled with its complete ease of use, is rivaled by none!
The Michelangelo is a discrete, Class A, all tube, full stereo unit, with Jensen transformers in and out.


  • The BYPASS switches allow the user to completely disengage the Michelangelo at any time in order to properly A/B a mix (true bypass).
  • The TRIM control allows the user to precisely match the volume coming from the Michelangelo to any desired level, without altering the tone of the unit.
  • Left and Right CALIBRATION is used to gain match the Left and Right signals, accounting for any volume discrepancies encountered. Interestingly enough, these calibration controls can also be used to alter the tonal response of the Michelangelo if so desired. For example, it is possible to bring the Calibration volumes up and the Trim down, resulting in the Michelangelo driving the signal harder than normal, increasing harmonic content.
  • The AGGRESSION control alters the drive in the circuit, allowing you to push the tubes for extra saturation.
  • The LOW, MID, and HIGH controls manipulate the three EQ bands, but in a way that adds more dynamic, harmonic content the higher the EQ is set. Take note that the Mid control covers a massive amount of territory while the Low and High controls are narrower by comparison.
  • The AIR control boosts the ultra high frequencies and is typically a favorite control in this unit.
  • MID SHIFT alters the response of the Low and Mid controls, essentially assigning the low mids to either control.
  • The VINTAGE switch toggles between a “modern” mode (think more hifi), and a “vintage” mode (darker, older sounding).

Stepped Version:
The Michelangelo can also be ordered in a stepped version if desired, when precise recall is necessary. Each control is built using high quality Elma switches, and the controls are altered in the following ways:

  • Aggression actually remains unchanged, other than becoming stepped.
  • Low, Mid, High controls have been altered to offer +/- 6bd range (12db swing), with .5db steps.
  • Air offers a +/-2db range (4db swing), with .2db steps.
  • Trim remains unchanged (from zero to max volume) in 2db steps. Max Trim = Unity


- Full Stereo Design
- True Bypass Switches
- Controls for Low, Mid, High, and Air
- Aggression Control
- Mid Shift Switch
- Vintage or Modern Mode
- Stereo Trim Knob
- Left and Right Calibration Knobs
- Ground lift switch
- Stepped control option avaliable
- Signal amplified by three 12ax7’s
- Jensen Transformers in and out
- All hand-wired construction
- Rugged, etched metal faceplate
- -93db noise floor measured at +4
- All hand wired construction
- Designed and built in the USA


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