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SSL AWS δelta 916 Channel

SSL AWS δelta 916 Channel
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SSL AWS δelta 916 Channel - wir haben eine AWS 900 mit δelta-Control... mehr
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SSL AWS δelta 916 Channel

- wir haben eine AWS 900 mit δelta-Control vorführbereit in unserem Demostudio, meldet Euch gerne für eine Vorführung -

AWS 916

The AWS 916 continues the classic design of the AWS 900.

The AWS 916 Channel Input section features a balanced Line Input with +/-20dB of gain and a world class SuperAnalogueTM Mic Amp featuring continuous mic gain control (+15 to +75dB), phase reverse and switchable 48V phantom power. An Instrument D.I allows for high impedance sources such as guitars. The Flip control overrides the Master Mic/Line input selection assigned globally via the console centre section.

Taken from the legendary XL 9000 K Series console and its current successor Duality, the AWS 916 features a highly flexible EQ section, switchable between a default E Series operation and the characteristic G Series curves and control interaction. The INS IN switch routes the channel via the balanced Insert Send and Return. PRE places the Insert before the EQ section. In conjunction with the dynamics CHIP and CHOP routing keys, the order of the EQ, INSERT and DYNAMICS blocks can be re-ordered.

  • HPF - 18dB/Octave high-pass filter with detente bypass position
  • G-EQ Curve switch - toggles between the default E-Series and G-Series tonal characteristics and control interaction
  • HF - High frequency shelving equalizer switchable to fixed Q parametric response via the Bell switch
  • HMF - High frequency parametric mid-band EQ section
  • LMF - Low frequency parametric mid-band EQ
  • LF - Low frequency shelving EQ Switchable to fixed Q parametric response via the Bell switch

Routing & Sends
Each channel has access to 2 main Stereo Busses (RECORD and MIX) in addition to 2 Stereo Cue busses and 4 mono FX sends. Every AWS Channel features a Direct Channel Output (CH OP) and can also feed 8 independent Track Busses. SSL's unique "EFX" system is present on all channels significantly enhancing creativity by allowing free assignment of send controls.

Digital Scribble Strips
When the AWS is in analogue focus mode the Digital Scribble Strips display name and parameter information for the selected analogue signal path. When the AWS is in DAW focus mode they then display DAW channel and processing parameters dependent on your chosen DAW and selected functions.

The AWS features touch sensitive 100mm motorised faders. In analogue mode they control the analogue signal path of either the Channel input or DAW return path. In DAW mode they default to control over channel level control but can be used for other controllable DAW parameters.

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