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Dangerous Music CONVERT 2

Dangerous Music

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Dangerous Music CONVERT 2

Neuer Stereo-D/A Wandler, 2-Kanal Digital-Analogwandlung mit bidirektionalem USB

Guido says: "Dieser Wandler groovt und swingt, die Transienten peitschen um die Ohren und die Bässe sind fantastisch!!!"

D/A Conversion has been an integral part of the Dangerous Music legacy since 2002, when the Dangerous Monitor® created a new reference for mastering engineers. The legacy continued with the DAC-ST, D-Box, and Source. The Convert series represents a new generation of D/A conversion that maintains all the qualities that have made Dangerous converters the choice of tracking, mixing and mastering engineers worldwide, while incorporating the latest advancements in audio electronics technology to once again raise the bar.

The Convert-2 was designed from the ground up with a zero-compromise attitude. Decades of accumulated knowledge and experience were leveraged to create a truly exceptional converter. Adhering to the core philosophies of “transparent, yet musical” that have come to define Dangerous, the Convert-2 is profoundly detailed, with a richly defined low end and an unparalleled clarity that holds true across the entire audio spectrum.

One of the unique features of the Convert-2 is the bi-directional USB, allowing both sending and receiving of digital audio. The signal applied to the AES-2 input of the Convert-2 can be simultaneously routed to the USB path, allowing you to send digital audio to your DAW from any other digital source.

The Convert-2 also features a custom volume pot that can be used in one of two scenarios:

1. Use it as a volume knob, connecting the L-R analog Outputs directly to a pair of studio monitors.

2. Turned fully clockwise, a switch engages a relay, removing the pot entirely from the signal path allowing the user to utilize Convert-2 with an external monitor controller.



  • Hi Definition Stereo Reference Monitoring
  • Audiophile Mastering Front End Playback Conversion
  • USB Input for Direct DAW Connectivity
  • 5 Digital Input Formats: USB, AES, SPDIF, ADAT, Optical SPDIF (Toslink)
  • Compatible with Monitor ST/SR for Remote Switching
  • USB digital pass through


  • Signal to Noise Ratio A-weighted, 20Hz to 20KHz: < 114dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio unweighted, 20Hz to 20KHz: < 113dB
  • Dynamic Range A-weighted, 20Hz to 20KHz: < 114dB
  • Dynamic Range unweighted, 20Hz to 20KHz: < 113dB
  • THD+N, 1kHz, unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz, +4dBu out: < 94.5dB (0.00188%)
  • THD+N, 1kHz, unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz, +22dBu out: < 106.5dB (0.00048%)
  • Frequency Response @ 96KHz sample rate:
  • DC to 20KHz: +0, -0.25dB
  • DC to 30KHz: +0, -0.5dB
  • DC to 40KHz: +0, -1.0dB
  • Jitter: 16ps (100Hz to 40KHz), 18ps (100Hz to 1MHz)
  • Crosstalk rejection: > 114dBu @ 1kHZ
  • >Replacement Fuses: USA 2 amp slo-blow for 120V Europe 1 amp slo-blow for 240V

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