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Empirical Labs Docderr

Empirical Labs

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Empirical Labs Docderr

The brand new DocDerr from Empirical Labs is a multi-purpose channel Strip in the 500 format. It houses six different sections of digitally controlled analog processing units and doesnt brake your bank.

What Empirical Labs created here is one super low-noise preamp. It is capable of line or 16 dB of "instrument" gain. It is followed by four sections of EQ with one high and three parametric bands. The compression is, even at this low price, unrivaled. The tape emulation citcuit softens high frquencies and clips.  A “Mix” knob allows the user to blend the uncompressed EQ’s signal with the compressed and saturated signal. Inputs and outputs are DC coupled, and the output can be switched between single ended or differential, yielding + 6dB of gain. A “Bad!” hard clip indicator monitors most every section for internal clipping.

The DocDerr model EL-Rx is available with either horizontal or vertically oriented front panel configurations.


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