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IGS Audio 572 Red Stripe 500 Preamp

IGS Audio

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IGS Audio 572 Red Stripe 500 Preamp

572 Red Stripe is a mic/instrument preamp designed in the 500 standard. The module is transformer balanced on input and output using Sowter and Edcor transformers. All regulators on the front panel are stepped switches. Excellent for recording any sources, including line signals from microphones, instruments like guitars or keyboards (Hi-Z input at the front of the unit).

 This is an excellent preamplifier, that can be used with a variety of sources: line signals, guitar pickups (via Hi-Z input), dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones. It always provides outstanding results. With one knob gain control (41-stepped) you can push it nicely, but still make sure that you don't overload the next stage of your signal chain. The second stage overloading gives some sweet harmonics vibe. Adds a lot of unique flavour. HiZ input is accessible from the front of unit. Handy!

 IGS 572 Red Stripe, single channel, pure tube mic preamp in a 500 module, two double-triodes (JJ ECC803S and JJ ECC81), UK made input and American output transformers, -20 dB interstage Pad, polarity control, +48V phantom power, low-cut filter, DI-Input 1/4" TS Jack 1MOhm, max. Input Level: +16 dBu, max. Output Level: +28 dBu, back-lighted analog VU-Meter, +48 and clip LED, Made in Europe.



  • Number of slots:        1
  • HPF:    OFF, 50 Hz (6dB/oct)


  • Input Impedance (balanced):         >1k2
  • Input Pad:      -20dB
  • Phantom Power:       Yes
  • Input Pad:      -20dB, interstage
  • Output Impedance (balanced):      600 Ohm
  • Audio transformers: Sowter / Edcor 


  • Operating Level:        +4dBu
  • Max input level:        +16dBu
  • Max output level:      +28dBu
  • Dynamic Range:        117dB
  • Noise Level:    -100 dBA
  • Max. gain:       64dB


  • Frequency response:            20Hz - 20kHz, - 1 dB

DISTORTION: (@ 20 HZ - 20 KHZ)

  • THD+N:          max 0.5%


  • Voltage:          +/- 16V DC
  • Power consumption: 6.5W


  • Dimensions:   78x166x229mm
  • Shipping weight        2kg


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