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MC AudioLab PE1tp Demoartikel

MC AudioLab

Artikel-Nr.: DA-i-1224

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MC AudioLab PE1tp Demoartikel

Wir bieten hier einen MC AudioLab TP1tp aus unserer Demo an. Das Gerät wurde nur einmal zur Vorführungszwecken ausgepackt und befindet sich in einem neuwertigen Zustand. Wir gewähren die volle Garantie!

The MCAudioLab recording channel 'PE1' is channel strip, preamp and equalizer, all in one compact 2U rack unit. It has all the gain for every microphone (condenser or ribbon) and instrument you use.
It provides a balanced mic level input and a High impedance instruments input for use during recording time.

Mic Preamp

The mic preamp section has all the features of the TP1tp (the single-channel tube powered mic preamp), a front-panel 1/4'' jack for an instrument input from an electric or electronic guitar or keyboard.


The equalization section (passive) is the same of the versatile EQ1tp Equalizer.
It has a three bands frequency: Low Boost/Cut, High Cut, semi-parametric mid-high frequencies boost.
Controls and mid-HF "Q" are continuously variable. Frequencies selectors are stepped with rotary switch controls.   The mid-high passive equalizer portion of the EQ is an all inductor-based design.
The ergonomics and use are very comparable to Pultec program EQs.
All the specs not mentioned specifically are the same as the stand-alone EQ1 unit elsewhere on this website.
The whole performance is absolutely musical. It is perfect for use in recording studio or on stage for every voice or instrument. The 'True Passive Equalization' creates musical equalization curves, providing a very useful palette of colors for tracking.
PE1 is a fine musical instrument with a keen tendency to 'vintage' sound.
Every PE1 is totally handwired as the whole MCAudioLab production.

PE1 Key Features:

- All class-A circuitry
- Transformer coupled input microphone preamplifier with phantom power
- Passive three band semi-parametric EQ with equalization curves controls
- Front panel high impedance 1/4'' instrument jack
- Rear panel XLR mic inputs and line output
- Transformer balanced Input and Output
- The equalizer can be bypassed
- Phase reversal, pad and phantom power switches
- Front panel LED peak meter


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