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Signex Pro Series Bantam TT 1U 2x48 Steckfeld blau programmierbar PST96D25


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  • Buchsenreihe durchgehend, continous
  • Steckfeld-Typ Flexipatch / D-SUB
  • Buchsenanordnung Stereopitch, Stereo spaced
  • Höheneinheit 1 HE
  • Reihen x Buchsen 2 x 48
  • Normalisierung programmierbar (soldering)
  • Panelfarbe blau-metallic

Signex Pro Series Bantam TT 1U 2x48 Steckfeld blau programmierbar PST96D25

- Zweireihiges, programmierbares Steckfeld mit 1HE/2x48 Bantam TT Buchsen auf 12x DSUB, halbierte Buchsenreihen, Stereoanordnung, blaumetallic Panel -

 -Voll- und halbnormalisierbar über Lötbrücken/Lötpunkte -

The Isopatch Bantam was introduced in 1991 as an alternative to the standard long-frame patch panel.

Although designed primarily for the semi-pro audio market, the Isopatch Bantam was found to be extremely reliable and became popular in more demanding applications including sound reinforcement and broadcast. Installation contractors love the Isopatch Bantam because the normalising is so easy to program and the rear 25 pin D-sub connectors mean that they can use pre-made cables and just plug in on-site saving hours of tedious wiring. 

Over the past ten years, the Isopatch Bantam has gained a firm reputation for reliability value and we now introduce the Isopatch Bantam PRO Series. We couldn't find a way to improve on the design of the PCB assembly, but we have given the PRO Series a striking new metallic-blue front panel. The PRO Series adds beauty to the well-established Isopatch attributes of excellent value and proven reliability.

Signex PST96D25 / Features:

  • Two rows of 48 Bantam Jacks in 1U of rack space
  • Enclosed Jack design keeps out dust and dirt
  • Solid silver cross-point switch contacts
  • Half and full normalling available on all channels
  • Suitable for balanced/unbalanced and stereo signals
  • Lacing Bar Kit available for extra rear cable support
  • Neat slide-in strips for socket designation
  • Suitable for insert points without special leads
  • PCB parallel wiring points for every Jack
  • 12 D-SUB connectors

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