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SSL XLogic X-Rack Empty Rack

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  • DA-i-1041
SSL XLogic X-Rack Empty Rack Using identical circuit design and manufacturing to our... mehr
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SSL XLogic X-Rack Empty Rack

Using identical circuit design and manufacturing to our Duality and AWS consoles, X-Rack is a modular rack system with Total Recall™ that delivers the classic SSL sound in a uniquely versatile form. Each X-Rack chassis holds up to eight modules in any configuration and there are a wide variety of modules on offer.

You could build a stunning SuperAnalogue™ front end for your recording system, with two different flavours of mic pre (SuperAnalogue™ and VHD), EQ, transparent dynamics and a powerful master section. Or create an SSL summing mixer with an ultra-pure analogue mix buss, using two different line input modules to achieve high channel counts or combine additional sources during mixdown to the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor. X-Rack delivers the very highest quality analogue recording and summing path and is the perfect configurable solution for studio or live applications.

The X-Rack chassis is a 4U 19" rack housing with a premium grade power supply, MIDI IN/OUT connections and a Mix Bus Link port that enables two X-Racks to be cascaded. The chassis also houses the Total Recall™ system with onboard capacity to store 32 system snapshots (the snapshots can also be stored as MIDI SysEX).

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