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TK Pro Audio BC2-ME

TK Pro Audio BC2-ME
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TK Audio’s vision is to make products that will satisfy our customers needs. During years of... mehr
Produktinformationen "TK Pro Audio BC2-ME"

TK Audio’s vision is to make products that will satisfy our customers needs. During years of success with our BC1 we got a lot of requests of customize units with stepped controls, more suitable for mastering. Therefore we now launch BC2-ME, a unit perfect for mastering. Except for the stepped controls we also added some nice features like illuminated switches, switchable output-stage between electronically-balanced or transformer balanced class-A.

BC2-ME uses the same basic sound path as the BC1, plus the extra features. The class-A mode offers a more vintage tone, like fat, punchy low-end response with more low mid character. The output section is the same as we use in the DP1. BC2-ME also has a switch that adds extra harmonics to the compressed signal. The blend control offers 23 steps from straight to compressed signal.


Key Features:
* All rotary controls stepped.
* All push buttons illuminated. Soft light when not
* THD switch, adds extra harmonics (even) to the
   compressed signal.
* Improved VCA circuit.
* Can be upgraded with separate VCA modules that holds
   up to eight VCA chips in parallel.
* True bypass.
* Stepped precision blend control using a 4-deck ELMA
* Five HPF frequencies.
* Gain-reduction meter with 20 LED’s, 0.5dB resolution.
* Ratio starts at 1.25:1
* Threshold -20dB to +20dB. 41 steps.
   (picture shows -10dB to +10dB)
 * Make-up gain 0 to 10dB, 41 steps.
* Output switchable between electronically-balanced or
   transformer-balanced class-A built around heavy
   Carnhill transformers.
* Balanced, external side-chain inputs.

Noise flooor: below 104dBm
Frequency response:  20Hz to 20kHz,  less than -0.3dB
Distortion:  less than 0.008% THD+N, @ +8dBm
Max output: +26dBm @ 600ohms load

Internal, regulated powersupply with a toroidal transformer
115 or 230V, selectable.

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