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UVI Complete Toy Museum


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UVI Complete Toy Museum

Including over 300 music toys, both acoustic and electric, Complete Toy Museum packages decades of imagination, play and childhood memories into a comprehensive 20 GB library of over 21,000 samples and loops marvelously preserved for your enjoyment. The ultimate soft-hearted sonic archive.

A great discount on 2 fabulous libraries

Acoustic Toy Museum & Electric Toy Museum
Take a moment to look through the full list of over 300 musical toys we sampled to bring you this massive collection, weighing in at nearly 20 GB!

The Ultimate Acoustic Toy Collection

Quite possibly the craziest sound library ever conceived - literally hundreds of musical toys meticulously multi-sampled at 24/96 with world-class equipment. Everything from toy pianos, guitars, bells, xylophones, baby drums, melodicas, blow toys, music boxes and more - nearly 13 GB in all. We even went to the museum (Musée des Art Décoratifs) and sampled their collection of antique musical artifacts!

The Definitive Electric Toy Retrospective
97 vintage music toys including Style-o-phones, speech and development toys, organs, music toys, mini samplers, drum machines and more - meticulously captured at 24/96. We sampled every odd sonic blip and speaker glitch these gizmos could make resulting in a massive 7 GB library of over 1000 presets (more than 14,000 samples in total) ready to add life and variety to all of your productions.

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